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 The cruise industry is a $37 Billion dollar a year industry, with no signs of slowing down. In fact, in many countries around the world, cruise lines are experiencing incredible growth. And with growth comes opportunity.

As a marketing partner, you will offer a real, viable product that provides real-world value to your customers. Members will enjoy exclusive cruises plus pricing for thousands of other cruises that is on par with the lowest available published prices online.

In addition to the savings, members earn Cruise Dollars they can exchange to reduce or pay for their cruises entirely. Everything is backed by a 110% price guarantee.

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  • Real value; most MLMs inflate price to pay commissions. We’re lowering the cost of the best value in travel.
  • Easy to Share-No Selling; we’re selling fun, travel, to see more of the world in comfort and style!
  • No Inventory; no need to store or auto-ship lotions, potions and pills
  • Significant Retention = Residual income; our product is something people will commit to and keep for months and years. Easy to do; simple marketing tools and great company support to build your own independent business.

inCruises™ is on a mission to make cruising more accessible, affordable and even profitable for millions worldwide.

Here’s who I’m looking for:

  • Someone who loves to Travel
  • Someone who can be Coachable
  • Someone that is Persistent and Motivated
  • Someone that is Reliable
  • Someone that is Genuine and Empathetic
  • Someone who is Committed and Dedicated

Gabriel Pena
Marketing Manager
San Antonio, TX

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