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The cruise industry is a $37 Billion dollar a year industry, with no signs of slowing down. In fact, in many countries around the world, cruise lines are experiencing incredible growth. And with growth comes opportunity.

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Being the first travel club exclusive to the cruise market creates endless marketing opportunities to families, seniors, singles, companies, friends, co-workers, and others in 192 countries across the globe.

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Genuine Product. Real Savings.

As a marketing partner, you will offer a real, viable product that provides real-world value to your customers. Members will enjoy exclusive cruises plus pricing for thousands of other cruises that is on par with the lowest available published prices online.

In addition to the savings, members earn Cruise Dollars they can exchange to reduce or pay for their cruises entirely. Everything is backed by a 110% price guarantee.


Introducing The First Ever Travel Club Exclusively Focused On The Cruise Market.

Amazing Compensation:

There are several ways to get paid;

  • Personal Residual Compensation - By simply becoming Membership Free and helping one of your directs to also become Membership Free; that simple! We’ll pay you $5.00 Up to 5 levels for every Membership payment made by any Member you refer and any Members referred by your Partner Team, each and every month.
  • Producer Bonuses - For every 3 New Members that you enroll during your calendar month, you’ll earn $100.00 Cruise Dollars.
  • Team Residual Compensation - Sponsor and maintain 5 directly referred Partners that have produced at least 3 Membership sales each. You’ll then earn $5 each and every month for ALL Members referred by your team up to LEVEL 5, allowing you to potentially earn hundreds and perhaps thousands in monthly residual income
  • Leadership Bonuses and Rank Achievement - We pay our top producing leaders a Monthly Leadership bonus for achieving and maintaining 1 of 8 rank achievements based on total team production goals. The first bonus level is $500.00 per month and the maximum bonus level is $55,000 per month and your entire team’s membership sales production counts for these bonuses (no limits!). See illustration -
  • Instant Pay Bonuses - Earn Instant Pay Bonuses of $50.00 to $150.00 each time you personally enroll a new Partner Member (someone that becomes a Partner and a Member) during a natural calendar month.

Cruise For Free:

By optionally simply referring 5 Members, inCruises waives your monthly membership dues. This means, you can go on 2 to 3 cruises each year with no out-of-pocket booking expenses. That’s simply unheard of; and an annual $2,400 value, for simply referring 5 other Members!

Next Generation Internet Marketing Tools And Resources:

 You will have exclusive access to:

  • A Personalized referral link
  • Your business email
  • An UNLIMITED email marketing system
  • Our Lead Management System to track invitations, registrations, customers and earnings
  • Downloadable Business Cards
  • Recorded online training Marketing and promotional materials
  • iPhone and Android Apps to manage your business on the go

Complete Cruise Booking Freedom:  Members can book any cruise in the world and receive all the benefits of the Membership. There is no other company in the world that has anything like this.

How Would You Like To Be Among The First To Offer This Exclusive Cruise Club Membership Product To The World? Want In?

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

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